I am an artist. Each meal is a canvas. I paint with water, fire, and elemental ingredients of full passion. Sometimes, the seemingly easy is the most difficult. The greatest achievement is to create the most with the least.

I’m Egidio Latorraca

I owe much to my father. He instilled in me a love for the basics, the foundations - of Italian cuisine such as pasta, figs, and olives. My innovation is to combine the classics with new tastes and textures. It is evolution.

I am blessed to hold a Master Chef of Italian Cuisine certification from the Academia Barilla of Parma and to have worked with some of the world’s greatest chefs around the world.

Seasonal Menus

Seafood Promotion Spring

Eggs filled with praline easter sea-themed fishes and shellfish. Original and mysterious creations that appear to have been carved, sculpted and handcrafted, evoking the delicate artisanal chocolate of the maker.

An original Egidio Latorraca creation