My Birthday Lunch at “8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana” Hong Kong

A 3 Michelin Stars bithday meal.

A 3 Michelin Stars bithday meal.

During my last visit to HK, I had the chance to celebrate my birthday with my sister and a very dear friend of ours, Alessandro.

For the occasion, my sister Valentina and I decided, among the different options we had in mind, to try the 3 Michelin stars Restaurant “8 1/2 Otto e mezzo Bombana”, house of Chef Umberto Bombana, which is considered “Best Italian Chef in Asia” and “King of White Truffles” .

The experience was simply delighting, all the dishes were mouthwatering, each one special in its own way but with common elements: best quality of the products, peculiar and very detailed presentation and straightforward taste.

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