Lovely Sunday Brunch at St Regis Hotel Bali Resort

Perfect meal for a Perfect Sunday!

Perfect meal for a Perfect Sunday!

Finally I could find some time and join the Brunch at Kayuputi Restaurant, St Regis Hotel Bali Resort. The formula is simply fantastic! It may look a little more expensive than other options in town, but this brunch certainly will satisfy the lovers of GOOD cuisine.

Kayuputi Restaurant offers as always high quality standard products which make us Chefs think more about what we offer and what we want our guest to haveā€¦Even in a more casual island like Bali, now the attention to the selection of the ingredients and Chefsā€™ professionalism is a Must.

I would say that starting the meal with Sturia Caviar as Amuse Bouche sitting at 20 meters away from the beach can only be a good thing, even more if you add a glass of exquisite Champagne which makes everything sparking like its own bubbles.

The dish that astonished me the most was the mix of three kinds of soups which I would define as Italian / French / Chinese flavored..very interesting and inspiring.

As usual my experience was delighting and Chef Agung guided me through each course with interesting and amusing explanations about the dishes.

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