Lunch at “Da Vittorio” restaurant in Shanghai

The more time goes by, the more I realize that living abroad makes you more romantic, and one tends to fly with his mind when the flavours or the scent of a lunch mingle together on a sweet Saturday morning, making you become a child again.

This is a bit what happened to me a few days ago when, with my good friend Amedeo, we decided to visit for lunch the crew of “Da Vittorio” Restaurant here in Shanghai.

I have to say that, thanks to Chef Stefano and all the staff, for a couple of hours I found myself back home on an autumn afternoon where my only concern was finishing my homework and helping my mother to prepare lunch.

The dining experience started with a selection of starters consisting of marinated salmon with beetroot, foie gras scented chestnut and celeriac consommé, all paired with a glass of Ferrari Rose Brut.
A nice combination of light but also strong flavours that served as a prelude to the first real dish of the day.

Once the starters were over, a composition of tuna spaghetti on a base of bagna cauda sauce came to us.
The sweet and seasoned taste brings out the aroma of the tuna. Personally, I would have grated some lemon skin to pinch and emphasize a bit more the taste of the sea.

The second course of the day was a masterpiece of technique and a classic reference to the history of this restaurant in Italy: scampi with almond cream and Roveglia broad beans, flavoured with rosemary, a dish that left a harmonious taste on the palate that tied all the ingredients together very well.
The highlight point of this dish was the cooking of the scampi, which was simply perfect.

After the scampi, it was time for the dish that most embodies the soul of Italian Cuisine and of this restaurant: Mancini Paccheri pasta made in “Da Vittorio” style, paired with a Livio Felluga 2018 Pinot Grigio.
A boldly flavoured tomato sauce pasta disarming in how good, actually how great, its taste is.
This dish made me reflect one more time on the fact that our Italian Cuisine is entirely based on care and respect for the products, ensuring that even the simplest ingredient has its soul.

After the Paccheri dish, we enjoyed the show of Chef Stefano who kindly came to the table and dedicated himself to serve the fish course: codfish with wild roots, savoy cabbage and chicken reduction. The dish reflected the Chef’s desire to combine two different worlds such as the sea and the land. The result was a complex course with a vivid flavour, where all the ingredients found the right harmony in the mouth.

When the time dessert came, I found in my plate a reinterpretation of Tiramisù that reminded me so much of the famous ‘Caramelized Tropea Onion’ from Pont De Fer in Milan, in terms of decoration and presentation.
A beautiful plate where the traditional taste of mascarpone cheese tied up with the coffee-soaked biscuit.

Last, but not least, were the excellent petit-fours served in a basket made of candy floss, that such a glutton person like myself, could not avoid to taste as well.

In conclusion, I can say that it was a great experience and I will certainly not miss visiting again very soon.

Thanks again to the guys at “Da Vittorio”, especially Chef Stefano and Enrico for the charming experience and the impeccable organisation.

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