Lunch at Les Créations de Narisawa – Summer collection 2016

Came back to Narisawa’s restaurant after more than two years was like recalling some old memories..though I also discovered that sometimes the reality could be different from what we expect based on what we remembered..
I have to admit, my expectations were a lot as for me this restaurant has always been more than just a place where you can have a good meal.

My job has always brought me to express myself at my highest and never accept the normal flow of things.. Therefore a chef like me in the moment he comes back to a place which he considers the best in the city, he expects to see evolutions and new arrangements compared to the first time he went there.

The lunch was as usual very good framed by a very professional service from the waiters and the sommelier.

The dishes to remark are unfortunately to be considered normal this time. Like the “Rock Oyster Mie” which definitely connects very well with the sweet flavor of the onions cooked in more ways: stewed, sauted and foamy.

Something to highlight is the lack of the historical trolley of the desserts where diners used to find fantastic macaroons that summarize the innovative concept of the cuisine that Chef Narisawa always expressed.

On one side I am happy to see that as all the restaurants, the difference is always made by the motivation of the people that work at the place. This makes me think that if you focus on specific goals and keep going that way, sooner or later you will reach the targets that you could not even imagine before.

The problem is that sometimes when you finally get to arrive and stay at the top, it’s easy to get unbalance and lose yourself a bit…

The Menu

Narisawa - Summer collection 2016

Innovative Satoyama Cuisine
Beneficial and Sustanaible
“Bread of the forest 2010” Kinome and citrus fruits
Satoyama scenery and essence of the forest
Sea snake and taro potato, Okinawa
Squid Kanagawa, Caviar, Miyazaki
Fava bean, chiba, Herb, Tokyo
Botan shrimp, Hokkaido, Sea urchin, Aichi
Water shield, Hiroshima
Wild eel, fukui, mango, Miyazaki
“Gion festival”, eggplant, Kyoto
Conger pike, Aichi, White peach, Kumamoto
“Luxury essence 2007” langoustine shrimp, Shizuoka
Rock oyster, Mie
“Sumi 2009” kobe beef, Hyogo
Pickled plum , Shizuoka
Green tea, Fukuoka, black sugar cane, Kagashima
Lemon, Shizuoka, Honey, Fukuoka

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