Saturday lunch…

Two easy to make recipes for your Saturday lunch.

Two easy to make recipes for your Saturday lunch.

It’s been awhile I haven’t done any blog. It was the “summer vacation”. I’m back now.

Yesterday I woke up, thinking of what to cook for myself in the weekend… something light, easy to do. And here are what I came up with:

1. This recipe is originally from my grandmother. She cooked for me every summer when I was a kid. I ended up wanting to eat this every time of the year, not only summer so my grandma “transferred” it to my mother. I added my touches (sous-vide techniques to keep fresh flavors yet very intense). I may add this dish to my new menu. My Vietnamese customers will like its delicate taste.

2. We’re currently running “Italian culinary tour” menu at Angelina, which includes dishes from different regions of the country. Tagliatelle is one of them. I found it’s very light and goes well with lobster, then tomato sauce and vodka to enhance the sweetness.

Buon Appetito!

Bonus: my ugliest photo of the year (my girlfriend totally agrees – see her face in the mirror…)

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