Stage at Les Créations de Narisawa July 2016

Narisawa Training.

Narisawa Training.

Between my resignation date from Hilton Bangkok and my starting working for Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong there was one month holidays, and I really didn’t want to go to spend those days in Italy.

Therefore and after thinking, I decided that, professionally speaking, I needed to take a training at one restaurant famous for his concept and innovations..

Thanks to Chef Narisawa, I got the chance to be part for 30 days of the culinary team of the restaurant Les Créations de Narisawa. And discovered that not always the expectations that you have in your heart do match with the reality..

Unimaginable products and ingredients with excellent techniques that clash with the pure lack of communication if you are not from the area and cannot speak Japanese.

I guess since I worked in hotel for the past few years, I assumed that a restaurant of such a level would be structured in a better way from the trainings and stages point of view.

The lack of a solid certainty in the structure made me so uncomfortable as I have never experienced before
But as usual in all the life experiences there is always something positive that we need to catch and keep in our soul.

Anyway, I would like to thank you the whole team from my heart for having me at their kitchen and that for sure are now getting ready to host new trainings for other fellow chefs like me.

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