Christmas Dinner 2013

Christmas Day Dinner Menu.

The Menu

Crab Meat Tartare
Mixed Micro Salad, Papaya, Pistacchio Crust, Raspberry Dressing

Black Pepperd Venison Carpaccio
Asparagus flakes, Plum Jelly, Red Leave, Gorgonzola – Yogurt Dressing

Home – Made Veal Ravioli
Pancetta Guanciale Chips, Roasted Almond, Dark Sage Majoran Sauce

Pan – Fried Australian Beef Tenderloin
with Balsamico Sauce, Mashed Parsnip, Baby Vegetable Garden, Porcini Mushroom

Warm Panettone
Chestnuts Cocoa Tartufi In Cremovo Zabaglione Flavour

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