Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

Fine De Claire Oyster
Salmon Roe, sour Yogourt, Baby Asparagus Tartare, Wasaby ā€“ Worchester Dressing

Pumking Soup
Sauteed Piedmont porcini Mushrooms, Pecorino Chips, Alba Truffle Foam

Creamy Burrata Mozzarella Cheese
Tuscanian Artichoke, Reserve Fiano Ham, Candy Tomato With a Touch Of Balsamico Syrup

Smoked Garganelli Pasta
Green Pea, Roasted Bell Pepper, Braised Lamb, Cocoa Dust And Pecorino shaves

Slow Cook Veal Loin
wrapped With Italian Pancetta Winter Mixed Pea In Pio Cesare Gavi Sauce

Croccante Gelato
Cured Pear, Amarene Royal with Galliano Flavour

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