Wagyu & Lobster Dinner Menu at Scalini

It's the month of Wagyu and Lobster All this month come enjoy Chef Egidio's newest creation with our Wagyu and Lobster menu starting today until 31 March 2014.

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Sous-Vide Marinated Maine Lobster
wagyu beef
Tajima Wagyu Beef Rib eye
Sous-Vide Marinated Maine Lobster

March Wagyu and Lobster At Scalini Dinner time.

Sous-Vide Marinated Maine Lobster, Jasmine Tea Jelly, Spider Crab Avocato & Mango Salad
B 550

Golden shape Verrigni Spaghetti pasta
Boston Lobster, Fresh Blue Crab & Sicilian Cherry Tomato Sauce
B 650

Wagyu beef filled pappardelle , castelmagno cheese, mascarpone espuma truffle beef wagyu tartare
B 700

Tajima Wagyu Beef Rib eye, sugitake mushrooms, Jerusalem – chestnut cream, Piacentinu custard & perigueux sauce
B 1500

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