Crab Meat Tartare

Fresh Crabmeat Leg, Asparagus, Strawberries, White tomato jelly, Pink pepper, Pistachio cracked, Balsamic syrup, Orange skin, etc.

Let's prepare it!

Crab dressing Squeeze green lemon and combine with extra virgin olive oil.

Chop garlic, thyme very thinly and mix all ingredients well together. Season with salt and pepper.
Finish and presentation In a small mixing bowl, combine the fresh crabmeat leg and the crab dressing. Using a spoon, whisk well. Season with salt, extra virgin olive oil and white pepper.

Form the tartare into long rectangular moulds, about 1.5 cm thick. Place in the center of black cold plate.

Finally present all ingredients (thinly chopped) on top of the tartare, place the asparagus and salt on the side.

Ingredients to prepare

General Ingredients
- Fresh Crabmeat Leg 100gr
- Asparagus 15gr
- Strawberries 5gr
- White tomato jelly 20gr
- Pink pepper 4gr
- Pistachio cracked 5gr
- Balsamic syrup 3gr
- Orange skin 2gr
- Local herbs 10gr
- Parsley flat 3gr
- Crab dressing 25gr
- Sea salt 5gr
- Green apple 15gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 2gr

Local herbs
- Purple basil 2gr
- Dill 2gr
- Parsley 2gr
- Basil 2gr
- Fresh oregano 2gr

Crab dressing
- Garlic 2gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 15gr
- Thyme 3gr
- Green lemon juice 5gr
- Salt 2gr
- White pepper 2gr