Moet & Chandon Oyster

Moet & Chandon oyster, salmon roe, yogurt, black truffle, baby asparagus tartare, wasabi & Worchester mayonnaise.

Let's prepare it!

Oysters With the special knife open the Fin de Claire oysters from the back
Clean the oysters with cool water and white vinegar. Keep oyster juice in a bowl.
Yogurt Mix the yogurt with chives, salt, white pepper, lemon skin.
Place a small quenelle on top of the oysters. Finish with a very thin asparagus ratatouille, salmon roe, mint, lemon skin and few slices of black truffle.
Baguette Marinate the baguette bread with extra virgin olive oil and garlic.
Cut in half and grill over medium heat until the bread begins crispy.
Shooter glass Add all ingredients from Worchester dressing (salt, white pepper, extra virgin olive oil, chilly powder, ginger juice, Worchester, wasabi, parsley, and oregano) into a shooter glass.

Open a bottle of Moet & Chandon and use the foam to fill the shooter glass.
Finish - Moet & Chandon Oysters Add sea salt, cracked sew arak, black pepper, and wasabi powder.Ā 
Moet & Chandon Oysters
For the tomato powder Blanch the tomatoes in salted boiling water, then transfer them into iced water (this is to stop the cooking process immediately).

Remove the skin with a small knife.

Put the skin in a tray and keep in a warm, dry place for a few days.

Blend or cut with a knife to finish the tomato powder.
For the Port reduction Gently cook the Port with the vanilla, cloves, cinnamon stick and star anise for 30 min. at 90oC until the mixture reduces to a syrupy consistency.
For the provolone sauce Mix the provolone with cream, milk, 10g of butter, bay leaf, salt, white pepper and grated nutmeg.

Gently cook for 10-15 min until it becomes creamy.

Remove the bay leaf.
Figs and Parma ham ā€œFagottinoā€ Cut the fresh figs in half and pan-sear for a few seconds with the remaining butter and sugar until they caramelise.

Take a steel ring (10cm diameter) and place the Parma ham at the bottom and the caramelised fresh figs with thyme and Port reduction on top. This is called ā€œFagottinoā€ ā€“ a small bag shape.

Fold the Parma ham over the top and warm for 30 seconds in the oven at 170oC
To serve Remove the Parma Ham and figs from the ring and place them on a plate.

Add the provolone sauce.

Cut the basil in chiffonade style and garnish the dish.
Drizzle the olive oil over and season with black pepper.

Finish with the soya beans and tomato powder.

Ingredients to prepare

Moet & Chandon Oyster - Ingredients

- Oyster Fin de Claire 2 pieces
- Salmon roe 5gr
- Yogurt 5gr
- Chives 2gr
- Baguette bread 2 pieces
- Mint 2 pieces
- Worchester dressing 20gr
- Rock salt 5gr
- Cracked black pepper 5gr
- Baby asparagus 10gr
- Black truffle 5gr
- Moet & Chandon foam 4gr
- Lemon juice 5gr
- White pepper 2gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 5gr
- Garlic 2gr
- Wasabi powder 1gr
- Ginger juice 3gr
- Chilly powder 2gr
- Parsley 2gr
- Oregano 2gr

Porto wine reduction - Ingredients

- Porto wine pen fold grandfather 1 piece
- Star anise 1 piece
- Cloves 3 pieces
- Cinnamon stick 1 piece
- Vanilla bean 1 piece

Tomato powder, provolone sauce, figs and parma ham ā€œFagottinoā€ - Ingredients

- Fresh figs 3 pieces
- Parma Ham ā€“ 36 months 50 gr
- Butter 20 gr
- Sugar 5 gr
- Tomato powder made of tomato skin 3 gr
- Parsley 5 gr
- Soya beans 10 gr
- Basil 5 gr
- Provolone cheese 15 gr
- Milk 5 cl
- Cream 5 cl
- Nuthes 2 gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 15 gr
- Bay leaf 1 piece
- Porto wines reduction 10 gr
- Thyme 5 gr
- Salt 5 gr
- Black Pepper 5 gr