Pickled Sardines

Let's prepare it!

Sardines marinations method Boil all ingredients for 5 min and cool down in ice water.
Place the sardines skin-side up and pour the marination over and refrigerate to cure 3 hours a day. 
Remove sardines and pat dry with a paper towel.
Remove the thin sardine's skin film and keep them in mise en place.
Anchovy mayonnaise method Blend all ingredients and keep in a chiller. 
Pickled base method Boil the whole liquid mixture and Infuse overnight.
Escabeche sauce method Blend well and filter through cheesecloth.
Watercress puree method Wash the watercress in cold water with a splash of vinegar, without separating the stems.
Dry well and separate the leaves from the stems.
Set aside.
Blend strain through a chinois and leave to cool.
Lightly boil the Yuzu juice with agar-agar powder until is very well incorporated. 
Add the watercress puree and adjust the seasoning.
Pour the mixture into a plastic bottle and chill until needed.
Finalize dish Finely slice the beetroot and pour over the pickled juice.
Keep in a chiller.
Roast a few minutes with olive oil under the salamander before serving.
Pour the watercress puree on the plate using a DJ machine.
Blow torch the sardines and lay them on top of the pickled beetroot.
Finalize with aromatic breadcrumb escabeche sauce, anchovy mayonnaise, micro cress and sea salt flakes.

Ingredients to prepare

Sardines marination base
- Rice wine vinegar 200gr
- Sugar 400gr
- Horseradish 1gr
- Cinnamon 1gr
- Water 600gr
- Bay leaf 2gr
- All spice (mix of spices) 1gr
- Clove 1gr
- White Pepper corn 1gr
- Onion (Chopped) 1gr
- Carrot (Chopped) 1gr
- Leek (Chopped) 1gr

Escabeche Sauce for 15 pax
- Bell pepper 500gr
- Shallot 50gr
- Garlic 50gr
- Salt 10gr
- Pepper 10grr
- Rice Vinegar 50gr
- Tabasco 15gr
- Worchester 10gr

Anchovy’s mayonnaise base for 70 pax
- Capers leaves 425gr
- Anchovies fillets in olive oil 425gr
- Mayonnaise 750gr

Pickled base 600 pax
- Rice vinegar 900gr
- White balsamic 375gr
- Salt 110gr
- Sugar 200gr
- Basil italian 50gr
- Basil thai 50gr

Watercress pure for 10 pax
- Watercress pure 150gr
- Yuzu lemon (juice) 5gr
- Salt 2gr
- White pepper 2gr
- Xantana or agar agar 5% total recipe gr

Finish dish
- Sardines Pickles and torch 140gr
- Bread crumb (recipe on the side) 25gr
- Escabeche sauce 45gr
- Watercress pure 30gr
- Enchovies mayonnaise 45gr
- Beets heriloom baby (pickled/roasted) 35gr
- Micro herb 2gr
- Sea salt flakes 5gr