Pan Seared Tuna With Italian Condiments

Pan-seared tuna loin, pink pepper parsley crust, Balsamic reduction, lemon mint dressing.

Let's prepare it!

Tomato jelly Make tomato soup: refer to Clear tomato soup recipe. Warm tomato soup. Place Gelatin inside warn water for a minute. Squeeze it. Then mix with tomato soup. Leave in a tray and leave it cool and cut into small dices.
Preparation Marinate tuna with olive oil, salt, white pepper, pink pepper and chopped parsley.

Pan-seared the tuna 1 minute each side (4 sides), put it in the oven until cooked, the cut the tuna in to slices.

Mix salad with dressing, made with lemon oil, olive oil, salt, dry oregano & white pepper.

Poach asparagus in few minutes in the boiling water, keep crunchy and thin slice it.

Arrange the sliced tuna on rectangular plate, pour the dressing, sprinkle some lemon skin julienne, and finish by tomato dices , Dalat flowers and some salad on top.

Ingredients to prepare

General ingredients
- Tuna loin 160g
- Pink pepper 25g
- Parsley 10g
- Salt 7g
- Pepper 7g
- Olive oil 25g
- Balsamic syrup 10g
- Lemon skin 5g
- Mesclun salad (seasonal salad) 25g
- Lemon 1 piece
- Mint 4 pieces
- Dalat asparagus 4 pieces
- Dry oregano 5g
- White tomato jelly 25 gr
- Roasted pepper 10gr
- Fleur de sel 2 gr

Tomato jelly
- Tomato soup 500cl
- Gelatin 7 pieces