Dark Emperor Cake with Naugatine Ice Cream and Cocoa Bubble

Let's prepare it!

Chocolate biscuit method Melt chocolate and butter together.
Whisk the egg whites and sugar like a meringue.
Incorporate the egg yolk slowly.
Add flour and mix slowly.
Bake at 190* about 15 min.
Crunchy Praline method Melt the chocolate and add the other two ingredients and beat faster.
Make a thin layer of a biscuit.
Keep in mise en place.
Cocoa bubble method Put the cocoa nib in the oven to roast at 180* for 5 min.
Boil water and sugar syrup, add the roasted cocoa nib and the gelatine.
Blend for 5 seconds and let cool.
When cold, sieve and add soya lecithin.
Blend again to melt the soy lecithin/sucro.
Use the aquarium pump to have bubbles.
Captain Morgan spice chocolate sauce method Boil in a medium pot cream, water, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and star anise.
Meanwhile melt chocolate with cocoa in a bain-marie.
Combine all ingredients and strain.
Add Captain Morgan and cool down with ice water.
Dark chocolate mousse Boil the cream and milk and add half of the sugar.
Whisk the egg yolk with the remaining half of the sugar.
When the cream and milk mixture is boiling, pour over the egg yolk and cook like custard cream.
Incorporate the melted chocolate with a hand mixer and let cool down.
Incorporate whipping cream slowly three times.
Pour over the crunchy praline.
Nougatine Ice Cream method Mix everything and heat over a double boiler until 82¬įC.¬†
Strain and cool. 
Before pacoing the ice cream, add baked nougatine chips to it.  
Nougatine base method Melt the sugar and glucose together, stir in the almonds. 
Spread on a Silpat and bake at 175¬įC till golden.¬†
Finalize dish Lay the emperor cake on the plate.
Pour the sauce on one corner of the plate.
Add roasted hazelnut with chocolate tuille.
Just before serving finalize with cocoa foam and nougatine ice cream.

Ingredients to prepare

Chocolate biscuit
- Dark chocolate caraibe 65% 210gr
- Butter 110gr
- Egg yolk 100gr
- Egg white 200gr
- Sugar 110gr
- Flour 35gr

Crunchy praline
- Hazelnut paste 530gr
- Royaltine 260gr
- Milk chocolate 105gr

Chocolate Mousse
- Cream (1) 400gr
- Milk 400gr
- Sugar 60gr
- Egg yolk 160gr
- Dark chocolate 1000gr
- Milk chocolate 660gr
- Whipped cream (2) 1400gr

Nougatine ice cream base
- Milk 1000gr
- Cream 100gr
- Milk powder 50gr
- Sugar 250gr
- Egg yolk 160gr
- Butter 65gr
- Nougatine base 200gr

Nougatine base
- Sugar 250gr
- Glucose 100gr
- Almond (slice) 100gr

Morgan spice chocolate sauce
- Dark chocolate 260gr
- Water 500gr
- Sugar 180gr
- Sour cream 140gr
- Capitan morgan spiced 30gr
- Cinnamon 5gr
- Cloves 3grgr
- Star anice 2gr

Cocoa bubbles base
- Water 400gr
- Glucose 400gr
- Milk 400gr
- Cocoa nib (powder optional) 50gr
- Gelatine 4gr
- Soya lecithin (sucro optional) 8gr

Finalize dish
- Dark emperor 2gr
- Hazelnut (roasted) 15gr
- Naugatine ice cream 60gr
- Cocoa bubbles 40gr
- Captain morgan spiced sauce 60gr
- Chocolate tuile 40gr
- Gold powder 5gr