Braised veal Cheek,Foie gras, Black Lentil, Potato Citrus Musseline

Let's prepare it!

Potato foam method Blend all ingredients and strain to avoid any lumps.
Put the liquid mixture in the siphon, add the cream charger and keep at 60* at bain-marie style.
Lentil salsa method Rinse the lentils well and set them in a wide bowl. Cover with water and soak for at least 12 hours or overnight with baking soda powder.
Boil the lentils for 15 min in a powder chicken stock and strain, cool after cooking.
Combine all ingredients and keep the mixture in the fridge overnight before serving.
Citrus powder method Cut a small slice from a side of each fruit and trim out the white part.
Lay the fruit skin separately on the dehydrator tray for 8 to 16 hours at 65*.
Using a clean coffee grinder or spice mill, grind up the dry slices in small batches, one type at a time.
Use a small sieve to filter out the chunks and bits that didn't grind properly.
Immediately after finishing each citrus type, put them in airtight storage containers to keep the air moisture out. Spice jars or canning jars work great.
Add 5gr of sugar and 2gr of salt to each batch of milling. (The sugar counteracts the bitterness of the pith, and the salt helps bring out more the flavour).
Veal cheek cooking method Marinate the beef cheek with some salt and pepper.
Pan-sear it with cake flour until becoming coloured.
Heat a pot, add oil, onions, carrots, celery, leek, garlic, bay leaf, with a mix of wine, black pepper, salt, and thyme. 
Stir fry until softened and when a good smell starts to fill the room add more red wine and cook for two more minutes.
Add in beef cheek and more seasoning.
Cook the veal in 30 minutes with medium.
After that, take the beef and put it in a vacuum bag and cook sous vide with 82.2c for twelve hours. 
Cool down in mince ice in two hours. Keep cold for use.
Finalize dish Slowly warm the veal cheek in a medium-size pot with its own juice.
Take out from the fridge the lentil salad and adjust the seasoning if need.
Meanwhile, sear the foie gras for two minutes on each side and let it rest in a warm cabinet before serving.
Spoon some potato espuma on the plate and lay the veal cheek.
Add the lentil salad on top of the meat.
Arrange the vegetables and the seared foie gras next to the meat.
Finalize with olives powder, citrus powder, rosemary crumble, and extra virgin olive oil.
Serve immediately.

Ingredients to prepare

Potato espuma base
- Potato (Soup Style) (liquid) 300gr
- Gelatine 2gr
- Chicken stock 50gr
- Cream Charger 1or2gr
- Truffle Oil 2gr
- Salt 5gr
- White Pepper 5gr

Citrus powder base
- Lemon (skin) 20gr
- Orange (skin) 20gr
- Kaffir lime (skin) 20gr
- Kumquat (skin) 20gr
- Tangerine (skin) 20gr
- Blood orange (skin) 20gr
- Grapfruit (skin) 20gr

Beluga lentil salsa base
- Beluga lentil 500gr
- Shallot (finely minced) 10gr
- Garlic (finely minced) 10gr
- Parsley (finely minced) 15gr
- Cherry tomato (diced) 150gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 25gr
- White balsamic dressing 50gr
- Sea salt 10gr
- Black pepper 15gr

Veal Cheek base for 10 pax
- Veal cheek (Seared first & 82.2 for 12 H) seared 1gr
- Cake flour 150gr
- Carrot (roughly chopped) 150gr
- Celery (roughly chopped) 150gr
- Onion (roughly chopped) 150gr
- Madeira wine 100gr
- Red port wine 100gr
- Noilly prat 100gr
- Veal demi glace 250gr
- Junniper berries (crush) 10gr
- Bay leaf 2gr
- Thyme 15gr
- Garlic 2gr
- Coriander seed 5gr
- Chicken stock 500gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 50gr
- Rosmary 5gr
- Cloves 6gr

Finalize Dish
- Veal cheek 160gr
- Potato espuma 80gr
- Citrus powder 4gr
- Beluga lentil salsa 40gr
- Romanesco (blanch/seared) 15gr
- White asparagus (blanch/grill) 15gr
- Green asparagus (blanch/grill) 15gr
- Rosemary crumble 10gr
- Topinamubur (boil/seared) 15gr
- Pea tenderil 5gr
- Black Olive powder 2gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 25gr
- Foie gras (seared) 40gr