Cocoa sous vide French Duck, Chestnut Mash, Jerusalem Artichoke, Smoked Mustard

Let's prepare it!

Duck marination method Melt the white cocoa butter in a medium pot.
Add green peppercorn, thyme, lemon skin and let the mixture rest in a warm place for 30 min.
Trim off the excess fat from the duck and make sure it's keeping a nice shape.
Brush the marination over the duck breast and vacuum.
Keep in a fridge overnight.
Chestnut puree method Cook the chestnuts with butter noisette style.
Add cream and simmer until the chestnuts are soft. 
Blend with amaretto liquor. 
Check the seasoning and adjust.
Jerusalem artichoke method Cook sous vide the artichoke with vegetable stock, butter and thyme at 85* for two hours.
Cool in ice water and move it to a chiller.
Keep in mise en place until needed.
Smoked dijon mustard method Mix all the ingredients with a hand mixer. 
Add yellow colouring if necessary.
Red fruit sauce method Sweat the shallot and wild berry mix with butter and vegetable stock.
Pout the orange juice over and reduce the sauce by 2/3.
Add Port wine with all aromatic ingredients and simmer until it is almost thickened.
Incorporate the red fruit coulis and simmer for 15 min.
Strain and adjust the flavour with seasoning.
Finalize dish Take out the duck from the chiller and leave it to rest at room temperature for 15 min.
Open the bag and slowly sear skin side down for 2 min each side on a sauté pan with Jerusalem artichoke.
Finish cooking the skin side up for another 3 min under the salamander.
Set aside under a warm heating lamp to rest 5 minutes before cutting.
Meanwhile warm the chestnut puree, smoked mustard and red fruit in three separate pots.
Spoon the smoked dijon o the plates.
Slice the duck and lay it next to the sauce.
Add the red fruit sauce and chestnut puree.
Finalize with crispy Vietnamese rice, pea tendrils, Jerusalem artichoke and Vietnamese onion root.
Grate the black truffle and serve immediately.

Ingredients to prepare

Duck marination base for 2 pax
- Coca butter 50gr
- Green peppercorn Phu Quoc 5gr
- Thyme 5gr
- Lemon skin 5gr

Chestnut puree base for 70 pax
- Chestnut (frozen/peeld) 1gr
- Butter noisette style 50gr
- Cream 400
- Chestunut Liquor 25gr
- Amaretto Liquor 25gr
- Salt 10gr

Smoked mustard base for 100 pax
- Dijon mustard 1200gr
- Water 200gr
- Duck fat 200gr
- Honey 200gr
- Smoked Oil 200gr
- Lapsang souchon tea 28gr
- Viking salt 28gr
- Yellow coloring 2gr
- Espelette pepper 16gr

Red fruit sauce base for 50 pax
- Butter 50gr
- Shallot 150gr
- Vegetable stock 250gr
- Wild berry mix (frozen) 350gr
- Orange juice 300gr
- Ruby port wine 450gr
- Orange skin 5gr
- Cloves 2gr
- Nutmeg 1gr
- Junniper berry 3gr
- Star anice 1gr
- Red fruit Coulis 500gr

Jerusalem artichoke sous vide base 5 pax
- Jerusalem artichoke 270gr
- Butter 15gr
- Vegetable stock 30gr
- Thyme 15gr

Finalize dish
- French duck breast barberie (seared/gratinated) 180gr
- Chestnut pure 40gr
- Jerusalem artichoke sous vide (sauteed) 60gr
- Vietnamese onion root (sweet and sour) 25gr
- Black truffle (grated) 5gr
- Smoked mustard 40gr
- Red fruit sauce 60gr
- Viet snack crispy 20gr
- Pea tendrill 5gr