Innovative salti in Bocca lamb loin

Let's prepare it!

Lamb loin Cut the lamb loin in 2 parts. Roll each part with some sage leaves inside and wrapped outside by slice of Parma ham.Ā Bocca lamb loin

Pan-fry the lamb loin for 2 minutes, and then keep in warm place.
Demi-glace Melt the butter in a pot with some pepper, sage, cook in few minutes to have sageā€™s flavour, add in the red wine, reduce a little bit.

Add the beef jus and season with salt, pepper, continue to cook in 1-2 minutes.
When the sauce is ready, take it out from the heat, add the butter and keep in warm place.
Roasted bell pepper Put the bell pepper (red, green, yellow) in the oven at 170oC with some olive oil, salt, pepper for 25 minutes. Take it out, put in plastic bag and let it cool down.
Take out the skin and cut in julienne. Marinate it with garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.
Fava bean Blanch the fava bean in hot water, the put it in iced water. Drain it, take out the skin and keep in fridge.
Cream vegetable Put the butter in a pan, add some garlic, shallot, cook in few seconds. Put in the roasted bell pepper and fava beans, cook in 2 minutes, add the white wine and a little chicken stock, reduce a little bit and take out from the heat, add in some butter, parsley, salt & pepper.
Finishing & presentation Cook 2 parts of lamb loin in the oven at 180oC for 8 to 10 minutes.
In a plate put 2 spoons of creamy vegetable and 2 pcs of lamb loin, pour a sauce demi-glace on top and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese.

Ingredients to prepare

General ingredients
- Lamb loin (180g lamb rack) 90g
- Sage 10g
- Rosemary 5g
- Parma ham 20g
- Fava bean 25g
- Roasted bell pepper 15g
- Butter 10g
- Shallot 5g
- Garlic 3g
- White wine 10 cl
- Chicken stock 20cl
- Demi glace dark colour 5cl
- Parsley 3g
- Parmesan cheese 5g

- Butter 10g
- Sage 5g
- Red wine 5g
- Black pepper 5g
- Beef jus and salt to taste

Roasted bell pepper
- Red bell pepper 1 pc
- Yellow bell pepper 1 pc
- Green bell pepper 1 pc
- Extra virgin olive oil 30 g
- Salt 5g
- White pepper 5g
- Garlic 1 pc
- Rosemary 4g