Beetrooth Chicche with Gorgonzola and Black Truffle

Let's prepare it!

Finalize dish method Melt the gorgonzola sauce in a pot and keep it on the side.
Boil the gnocchi in salty water for 2 minutes.
Strain and toss with hazelnut oil in a deep stainless bowl.
Spoon the sauce on the plate and arrange the Chicche pasta on top.
Finalize with the other ingredients and serve immediately.

Ingredients to prepare

Gorgonzola truffle sauce for 8 pax
- Cream 200gr
- Gorgonzola cheese sweet 350gr
- Truffle paste 50gr
- White pepper (finely mince) 5gr
- Bay leaf 1gr

Finalize dish
Baby gnocchi beetrooth (recipe on the side ) 160gr
Gorgonzola truffle sauce base 140gr
Pecorino di fossa (chips) 20gr
Porcini Powder 4gr
Hazelnut Oil 20gr
Micro Cress ( Mustard + purple) 10gr
Summer truffle (finely slice) 5gr
Macadamia nuts (toasted) 40gr
Poppy seeds 10gr