Duck Confit Cannelloni Pasta Wild Mushrooms Jus

Let's prepare it!

Cannelloni stuffing method Add olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat.
When the oil is hot, add carrot, onion, celery, garlic, thyme and sauté until are translucent. 
Add the duck confit and stir occasionally for 5 min.
Pour the white wine into the mixture and cooking until the alcohol is evaporated.
Finalize with demi-glace, duck stock, and cover with baking paper and silver foil.
Braise the whole duck mixture for 45 to 90 min.
As soon as it is ready, cool down and ricotta and mascarpone cheese (questa frase non ha senso, mancano verbi ).
Vacuum pack it and keep in the chiller until needed.
Mushrooms demi-glace method Roast all mushrooms and vegetables separately at 160* for 45 min.
In a large pot, soak the kombu in the water overnight.
In a medium pot combine vegetables, mushrooms, soy sauce, kombu, bay leaf, black pepper and dry porcini.
Cover with warm water and slowly cook it to reduce by half. 
Skim and clean the impurities that come to the surface of the stock. 
Strain the liquid and add majoran and cook to reduce by half the aromatic herbs seasoning. 
Dissolve the Kozu powder in some water and pour it into the sauce.
Keep stirring until the liquid becomes thick.
9. Strain and chill with blast chiller or ice water 
10. Keep in mise en place until needed.
Soy gel method Combine agar-agar, sugar and water in a saucepan.
Whisk over medium heat for 5 min until the sugar and agar-agar are dissolved.
Pour the agar-agar liquid into a pot with soy sauce and vinegar. 
Strain the mixture into a baking dish and refrigerate for 1 hour, until set.
Blend and puree until smooth.
Store the gel in a plastic bottle in the chiller until needed.
Finalize dish Boil the pasta sheets in salted water for 2 min.
Cool down in ice water and pat dry with a paper towel. 
Pipe the stuffing over the sheet, and roll to form a tube shape.
Steam the cannelloni for 2 min and lay them immediately on a plate.
Add the soy gel and micro herb.
Before serving, pour the mushrooms demi-glace and porcini powder over the pasta with few drops of extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients to prepare

Canelloni stuffing for 30 pax
- Duck stock (shredded) 3.5gr
- Duck comfit (brunoise) 1200gr
- Extra Virgin olive oil 120gr
- White wine 50gr
- Garlic) (skinless/crushed) 3gr
- Shallot 60gr
- Carrot (brunoise) 120gr
- Celery (brunoise) 120gr
- Onion (brunoise) 120gr
- Demi glace 350gr
- Thyme 25gr
- Ricotta cheese 120gr
- Mascarpone cheese 120gr

Mushrooms demi glace base for 200pax
- Shitake mushrooms (roasted) 3gr
- Shimeji mushrooms (also sauteed for risotto) (roasted) 3gr
- Cardoncelli mushrooms (roasted) 3gr
- Erinji mushrooms (roasted) 3gr
- Maitake mushrooms (roasted) 3gr
- Champignon mushrooms (roasted) 5gr
- Chaterelle mushrooms 2gr
- Porcini (dry) 800gr
- Kombu dry (soak) 800gr
- Celery dry process (roasted) 5gr
- Onion white (roasted) 5gr
- Carrot (roasted) 5gr
- Leek (roasted) 3gr
- Garlic (roasted) 2gr
- Thyme 1gr
- Marjoram 1gr
- Black pepper corn 25gr
- Soy sauce 1gr
- Kuzu powder (thickening) 500gr

Soy gel base for 75 pax
- Kikoman japanese 180gr
- Soy sauce maggi chinese 180gr
- Sugar 270gr
- Vinegar 100gr
- Black soy sauce 20gr
- Agar agar 4gr

Finalize dish
- Canelloni pasta (10x10cm) 120gr
- Canelloni stuffing 160gr
- Mushrooms demi glace 30gr
- Soy gel 20gr
- Micro herb 5gr
- Porcini mushroom (powder) 5gr