Foie gras Tagliolini with Black Truffle and Porto Wine Sauce

Let's prepare it!

Foie gras base method Lightly cook the garlic and shallot with butter until soft, without letting them colouring.
Pour the port wine and rosemary and simmer for 35 to 40 minute until it becomes a thick sauce.
Strain the sauce and put it back in a medium pot.
Pour the cream and keep stirring until is reduced by half.
Add veal demi-glace and foie gras terrine.
Blend the mixture until smooth and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. 
Add truffle paste and cool down. 
Store in a vacuum bag. 
Porto wine reduction method Slowly simmer all ingredients until they become a thick sauce. 
Finalize dish Melt the foie gras sauce in a medium bowl as bain-marie style.
Cook the tagliolini in boiling water for 2 min, remove and combine with the foie gras sauce away from the fire.
Add chicken stock or water if the sauce is too thick.
Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper. 
Lay the pasta on a deep round plate.
Finalize with the rest of the sauce, black truffle slices, hazelnut, Testun cheese and micro herb.
Serve immediately. 

Ingredients to prepare

Foie gras base Step 1
- Butter 30gr
- Garlic (minced) 10gr
- Shallot (minced) 10gr
- Rosemary (leaves) 5gr
- Port wine red 60gr

Foie gras base Step 2
- Veal Demi glace 200gr
- Cream 600gr
- Salt 5gr
- White pepper 5gr
- Foie gras terrine (cube cold) 180gr

Foie gras base Step 3
- Truffle paste 20gr

Porto wine reduction sauce base for
- Port wine red 750gr
- Cloves 4gr
- Star anice 1gr
- Junniper berry (crush) 2gr
- Thyme 5gr
- Cinnamon (crush) 5gr

Finalize dish
- Foie gras base 180gr
- Tagliolini pasta 160gr
- Black truffle slice 10gr
- Port wine reduction sauce 25gr
- Hazelnut (roasted) 20gr
- Testun al barolo cheese (grated) 20gr
- Chicken stock (optional) 15gr
- Salt 5gr
- White pepper 5gr
- Micro herb 10gr