Lobster Soup Crayfish Ravioli

Let's prepare it!

Kumbawa foam method Boil the coconut milk before adding any ingredients. 
Lobster Bisque base Carefully wash and roast the lobster head at 160* for 45 min, trying to avoid darkening the soup.
Sauté the head with fresh blended in oil herbs and let it sweat and release their flavours before adding lemongrass and the rest of the aromatic herbs.
Deglaze with brandy and water with tomato paste. 
Let it reduce by half, then stir in your pre-made lobster stock and let it simmer until the liquid has thickened. It only takes about 75 minutes to get those delicious flavours to mix and match each other.
Puree right in the pot with an immersion blender or pour into a blender. If using a blender, you may need to blend in batches of two or three to prevent pressure from building up from the heat inside the jug. Make sure you take the center piece out of the lid to let the steam escape.
You want your bisque to be nice and smooth. Then, pour it back into your pot, stir in the heavy cream. 
Lobster ravioli base method Sauté the celery and leek with extra virgin olive oil for few minutes until became translucent.
Cool it and add to the other ingredients. 
Use this stuffing to prepare the ravioli at 1.5 MM thickness.
Finalize dish Put the cooked ravioli on the plate.
Pour the warm lobster soup over.
Finalize with Konbanwa foam and watercress micro leaves.

Ingredients to prepare

Lobster bisque base for 20 pax
- Fennel 120gr
- Carrot 500gr
- Live lobster head 1500gr
- Tomato paste 25gr
- Lemongrass 50gr
- Lemon skin 1gr
- Ginger 35gr
- Water 5gr
- Thyme 3gr
- Celery 200gr
- Bay leaf 3gr
- Brandy 45gr
- Cream 150gr

Konbanwa foam base for 15 pax
- Konbanwa (grated) 1gr
- Coconut milk 1gr
- Lecitine powder 25gr

Lobster Ravioli base for 15 pax
- Celery (finely chop) 300gr
- Leek (finely chop) 100gr
- Live lobster meat (finely mince) 100gr
- Lemon (grated) 120gr
- Garlic (finely mince) 100gr
- Fresh pasta (sheets) 350gr
- Extra virgin olive oil 120gr
- Thyme (finely mince) 25gr
- Salt 15gr
- Black pepper 20gr

Finalize dish
- Lobster soup 250gr
- Lobster ravioli 6/15 Grams each
- Konbanwa foam 50gr
- Watercress micro 2gr