Short Ribs Beef Ravioli with Morel Mushrooms Consomme

Let's prepare it!

Short ribs stuffing method Remove fat cap and silver skin covering the ribs. 
Season the ribs with salt and pepper.
In a hot sauté pan with olive oil, sear the short ribs for 2 min each side.
Set aside.
Sauté the onion, carrot, celery, garlic, bay leaf until translucent. 
Pour red wine with juniper berries, rosemary, cloves, and keep stir-fry until the alcohol has evaporated.
Add chicken stock and boil for 5 min.
Cool down and vacuum seal the ribs with all the liquid mixture.
Cook sous vide for 12 hours at 82.5 degrees.
As soon as it is cooked, remove the bag and strain the juice.
Peel the meat from the bones and keep it in a warm container.
Reduce the juice until 1/3 and add to the meat mixture.
Cool it and set aside.
As soon as the beef is cold, add the egg yolk, parmesan cheese, morel mushrooms and vacuum pack it.
Store in the fridge until required.
Morel mushroom consomme method Soak 250 gr of Morel mushrooms in 1.8 Lt of warm water for 25 min.
Strain the liquid 3 times until there is no more sediments.
Slowly simmer the stock until it's reduced to 1/3.
Add Teriyaki sauce and Port wine and adjust the seasoning with salt and white pepper if necessary.
Cool down and store in a chiller until needed.
Ravioli stuffing process method Fresh rolled pasta to the 7 x 5 cm squares(before not clear, or ok?).
Put around 20 gr of short ribs stuffing in the centre. 
Brushed along the square edges with water.
Bring opposite corners together and press along the edges to seal. 
Once the water has dried and the pasta edges are glued and sealed together, gently hold the filled pasta along the edge of a cutting board to trim the edges with a fluted pasta cutter if need.
Put the ravioli in a tray with Semola flour and store in the freezer.
Finalize dish Warm the morel consomme and adjust the seasoning.
Lightly simmer the ravioli in salty water for 45 to 60 seconds.
Strain and put the ravioli in a bowl with almond oil and mix until they are well coated.
Dress the plate with ravioli, sauteed morel mushrooms.
Finalize with consomme, almond oil and black truffle shaves.
Serve very hot. 

Ingredients to prepare

Short ribs stuffing base
- Short Ribs (seared first & 82.5* for 15 H) seared/sous vide 1000gr
- Carrot (mirepoix) 150gr
- Celery (mirepoix) 150gr
- Onion (mirepoix) 150gr
- Red Wine 25gr
- Demi glace beef 250gr
- Junniper berries (crush) 10gr
- Bay leaf 2gr
- Thyme 15gr
- Garlic 2gr
- Coriander seed 5gr
- Chicken stock 500gr
- Rosmary 5gr
- Cloves 6gr
- Morel mushroom (Garlic, sweet wine) (trimming) 250gr
- Parsley finely (minced) 20gr
- Parmesan cheese 150gr
- Egg yolk 120/8pcs
- Extra virgin olive oil 15gr

Morel mushrooms consomme base
- Morel water (reduction) 600gr
- Teriyaki sauce 150gr
- Port wine red 45gr

Finalize dish
- Ravioli dough 100/8pcs
- Short ribs stuffing 140gr
- Morel consomme 120gr
- Almond olive oil 5gr
- Almond sliced (roasted) 20gr
- Morel mushrooms sauteed 40gr
- Black truffle (slice) 10gr
- Micro herb 5gr