Spaghetti with Scallop and Bottarga

Let's prepare it!

Bottarga base method Combine Extra virgin olive oil and bottarga and keep them in a chiller.
Scallop carpaccio method Finely slice the scallop using two bamboo skewers and a fish slicer knife.
Properly store in baking foil with a round shape.
Keep in a chiller until need.
Finalize dish Slowly cook the garlic in a sauté pan with extra virgin olive oil and thyme for 2 minutes.
Add clams stock with chilli and keep cooking for 2 more minutes.
In the meantime, cook the pasta al dente.  
As soon as the pasta is ready, add in the mixture and stir frequently, until the sauce starts to thicken.
Stir away from the fire with bottarga, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, and clams stock and toss to combine. 
If the sauce is too thick, add a little bit of the water used to cook the pasta.
Lay the pasta on top of the scallops carpaccio in a deep bowl and sprinkle some more bottarga with extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients to prepare

Bottarga sauce base
- Extra virgin olive oil 20gr
- Garlic confit (puree) 2gr
- Thyme (stalk) 15gr
- Clams stock 50gr
- Dry chilli (finely minced) 6gr
- Parsley (finely minced) 10gr

Bottarga base
- Bottarga (finely grated) 20gr
- Extra vigin olive oil 40gr
- Lemon skin (finely grated) 25gr

Scallop carpaccio base
- Scallop 60gr
- Lemon dressing 15gr
- Salt 2gr
- White pepper 2gr

Finalize plate
- Spaghetti pasta verrigni 160gr
- Bottarga sauce 100gr
- Bottarga base 40gr
- Bottarga (slice) 20gr
- Oyster leaves 5gr
- Scallop carpaccio 60/2 pcs
- Extra virgin olive oil 20gr